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Bolo House music is one of the number one music advertising agencies in south africa. We help new and current artist with music promotion or pr services.

demographics of your fans

As an artist,it is important to fully understand the demographics of your fan base. In so you doing,you understand where the loyalty of your fans comes from and their interests.

youtube promotion

One of the most neglected service in advertising is youtube promotion. Promotion of youtube could be a key to quicklygrow your brand as artist.

best music promotion

No one can really tell which is the best music promotion company in south africa. It is safe to say that all music promotion companies are doing the best to showcase the work of their artist.However, a limiting factor could be bugdet availability.

promote your music online

There are many advantages, when it comes to promotion of your music online. Many musicians tries to promote your music online blindy without guidance. we always advice our clients to seek affordable professional help from specialist in online promotions.

music as a business

music business is the still one of the most underrated industry in the world. However, we forget to realise or indentify that there are now billionaire musicians. Ofcourse, those are extreme case but it is a great example to point out that music business is legit.

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